• Shaping Pathways

    Bridging the skills gap.

  • Adolescends of Disadvanted Backgrounds face:

    High risk of deprivation and social exclusion

    Fewer opportunities for personal development and active participation in society

    More frequent spells of unemployment



    The mission of Shaping Pathways is to inspire underprivileged youth in creating their individual path by building a school of the future that teaches 21st century skills and offeres individualized learning programs.


    The aim is to enable teenagers of disadvantaged backgrounds to live out their creative and intellectual potential. We achieve this by fostering the indispensable skill set of digital literacy skills needed for the future of work. Alongside technical skills, the program aims to equip teens with an assessment of their own skills, the ability of critical thinking and a growth mindset. This will ultimately lead them to better job placements, create a perspective of self-fulfillment, and sustainable integration into the job market.


    We are creating impact along three dimensions:



    Education & Employment

    The program’s primary goal is to equip underprivileged teenagers with essential digital literacy skills needed for the future of work. We offer workshops every month.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Working with teens from disadvantaged background and of diverse nationalities, our program is sensitive to student's needs and is tailored for small groups with individualized support.


    The program enables its participants to become effective change makers, which can bring valuable personal insights to address local or global challenges. This is possible via our Train-the-Trainer model as well as online learning.

  • Sessions

    Teaching you 21st century skills.

    Digital Literacy - Beginners

    Basics I + II

    The Digital Skills Basics workshop is part of multiple sessions to get familiar with digital devices and applications. It starts with an introduction to operating systems, Microsoft Office, and browsers. After the general introduction safe usage of social media, basic data and IT security, as well as resources for self-study, such as massive open online courses (MOOCs), Youtube and podcasts are covered. We use a train-the-trainer approach, preparing early participants to host sessions later during the year.

    Digital Literacy - Advanced


    The Digital Skills Advanced workshop focuses on the job market in the digital economy. Therefore, it introduces participants to digital trends, such as artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things (IoT), provides information about jobs in the digital economy, and complements the covered topics with a CV and cover letter writing session.

    Skills Assessment Workshop

    Find Your Pathway

    The Skills Assessment workshop Find Your Pathway aims at providing participants with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and intends to develop their growth mindset. During the workshop the adolescents take a Myers-Briggs personality test. Further, the workshop includes group exercises for the participants to make use of their new insights and allows them to conduct discussions about their personality types. At the end, they will present their results and thus have the opportunity to improve their presentation skills.

  • Do you want to shape society?

    Get involved


    Help to bridge the skills gap and thus contribute to the education of your future employees. As we scale up our project, we are looking for partners and sponsors to help us e.g., secure training locations, tools (i.e.- laptops, software), and more. Get in touch with us to learn more about partnering with us.

    Contact us: shapingpathways@globalshapersfrankfurt.de


    Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Or do you dream of being a coach or trainer? Then send us an email and you might be able to take over one of our highly desired sessions and test your skills in a safe environment!


    Contact us: shapingpathways@globalshapersfrankfurt.de

  • Sponsors & Partners

    The S&P Global Foundation

    AWO Hessen-Süd e.V.


    King Baudouin Foundation




    Silicon Valley Bank